Stalker project 2

A mod that replaces all the animations in the first person for stalker cs and cop stalker re-animation project 2 is a replacement mod that replaces all the first. Aug 31,  · video embedded · a short trailer demoing the "stalker re-animation project" mod for stalker: clear sky and call of prypiat. Stalker re-animation project 2 part 1: a weapons s.t.a.l.k.e.r.: call of pripyat (s:cop) skin mod submitted by kingfriday and noob industries.

Video embedded · fellow stalkers, stalker re-animation project is done! Stalker re-animation project 2 is a replacement mod that replaces all the first person animations. Stalker 2's development has officially been frozen, according to the official stalker fb page, due to gsc game world being dissolved.

2: project origin: collect 75% of the journal intelligence found throughout the game - worth 20 gamerscore. Stalker re-animation project 2 aug 31 full version 5 comments.

Feb 25,  · also known as: stalker: call of pripyat, s.t.a.l.k.e.r.: expansion pack 2 -- call of pripyat.

After almost 3 years of sporadic development you can now enjoy srap2 mod in its full glory. Gsc game world, developers of stalker, are back in business. When we were working on stalker 2, that was the stalker project they were working on.

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